Creating Coziness in Credit Union Lobbies

March 21, 2018|

Commercial architecture is taking major steps towards becoming more sustainable and unique in their approach to creating beautiful buildings. Gone are the days where every building on the skyline is stark, grey, and cold. Commercial ..

Minneapolis Architecture You’ve Got to See

February 7, 2018|

Whether you’re just visiting or you’ve lived here for years, Minneapolis architecture has something to offer everyone. The Twin Cities offers an impressive range of architectural style, from Medieval to New Classical, and everything in ..

Trends in Architecture: Modern Modular

December 27, 2017|

Last week, we shared a bit about the buzz surrounding sustainable architecture. This week, we’ll look at the concept of modular architecture, in which individual pieces are brought together in a way that allows individual ..

Communicating with Your Architect

December 13, 2017|

When it comes to designing your dream, communication is the key element. For someone not involved in the architecture profession, that can certainly feel overwhelming. After all, aren’t architects the experts who should be guiding ..


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