Commercial architecture is taking major steps towards becoming more sustainable and unique in their approach to creating beautiful buildings. Gone are the days where every building on the skyline is stark, grey, and cold. Commercial building owners are eager to work with architects who can offer creativity to their design. Vanman Architects and Builders work with commercial building owners from the first sketch to the final tile. As a firm that works under the concept of design/build architecture, we can offer those seeking credit union buildings and renovations an experience focused on making the architectural process simple from start to finish.

A credit union serves a similar function to a bank but operates on different principles. Whereas a bank is company owner and focused on profits, credit unions offer their members competitive borrowing rates and function around the idea that people should help other people invest in each other. With that being said, credit union design requires the lobby to feel like home. Members should be able to walk in and feel that their investment is protected.

Creating Warmth

One strategy for creating warmth in a credit union lobby is to bring in natural light. While commercial lighting is easier to control, it can often appear cold and harsh. Natural lighting is bright, soft, and can be mitigated with small touches, such as lamps for grey, stormy days or blinds for days that are too bright.

Open Floor Plan

Multi-level open floor plans are very popular right now, as it leaves room for rearrangement of furnishings and the opportunity to create private spaces without closing off rooms. Incorporating a second floor that is set above the lobby and back, like a loft, can create a space that is cozy and functional.

Established in 1957, Vanman Architects and Builders has developed a rich history and understanding of our chosen fields: religious and financial institutions, private schools and commercial architecture and construction. Let us help your architectural dreams come to life. With our in-house construction team, you’re going to find that it’s never been easier to create a commercial building on time and on budget.