From researching zoning guidelines to devising site master plans and more, Vanman Architects and Builders works to ensure that your property is optimized and prepared for the many years ahead.


You’ve just purchased property that you intend to build and expand on. What’s next? At Vanman Architects and Builders, we’ve seen that the most successful builds are the ones that don’t miss anything during the planning phase. That said, we make sure to do our homework before any dirt is moved to ensure that your property is up to par with every rule, regulation, and requirement. From identifying property use restrictions, wetland areas, and stormwater management requirements to drawing out site master plans that envision your property’s full potential, our team will work with you to ensure all boxes are checked before moving forward on a build.


When it comes to acquiring property or planning for a new build, there’s a long list of rules and requirements that builders and building owners need to be aware of before setting things in motion. At Vanman Architects and Builders, we know the ins and outs of these building requirements like the back of our hand. With over 65 years of experience perfecting our process, you can rest assured that nothing will be missed or discounted when working with our team. Whether identifying key governmental requirements, height restrictions, wetland delineation and green space requirements or devising a plan to satisfy parking needs, our architects and builders will take charge of all research and planning aspects so that you don’t have to.


When you choose to work with Vanman Architects and Builders, you are choosing a company that leaves no stone unturned, granting you the peace of mind that your project will be, and remain, a success for years to come.

Whether you’re building from the ground up or planning on making additions to your current property, our team will help ensure that everything is in order before giving you the green light. Reach out to us today to learn more!


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