One of the best parts of working with an architecture firm is watching your ideas comes to life. From the blueprint to the ribbon-cutting, your aspirations and your designs are being crafted for the real world. If you have big plans for your bank design concept, it can be nerve-wracking to piece together a draft that is focused and ready for your architect to start shaping blueprints. If you’re thinking about coming up with a bank design concept, stay on track with these three tips:

Use Unique Inspiration

Not every bank has to look like a bank. In fact, more and more consumers are seeking facilities that offer much more than the impressive stone exteriors and cold granite interiors of years past. Don’t be afraid to draw on inspiration outside of the banking industry. Mix technological innovations with a friendly design that welcomes customers to come in and get comfortable.

Go Big or Go Home

If you genuinely want to make an impact on your consumers, and it’s in your budget, don’t be afraid to bring big ideas into your bank design concept. Whether you’re remodeling or building from the ground up, an architect experienced in commercial building design is going to be willing to work in whatever changes are financially and realistically possible. Want to bring in split level design? Say that! Thinking about getting rid of teller desks and incorporating privacy pods? Say that, too! It’s much easier to scale back your designs later than it is to create additions after the fact.

Take Your Brand to New Places

When people think about Apple brand, they don’t just think about smartphones. From their products to their store, there’s a specific design that permeates every part of their brand. Their architecture focuses on minimalistic design, simple color schemes, and modern (even futuristic) furnishings. No matter what your branding is, you can bring it into every part of your bank design concept. If you are a hometown bank or credit union, focused on community and family, there’s no need to incorporate stone pillars and bleak lobbies. Let your building tell the story of your brand, just as much as your website and your promotional materials do.

Vanman Architects and Builders have specialized in bringing commercial buildings to Minnesotans for over 60 years. We’d love to help you bring your bank design concept to life. Get in touch, stop by, or view some of our past work for inspiration!