Before we tackle the question of how to find a community church builder, it’s valuable to understand what a community church is. Most often seen in small towns, where the population cannot sustain multiple churches of various denominations, a community church is an amalgamation of multiple faiths combined into one central location for worship.

As an example, this idea started when America was first being settled. These small settlements had people of all faiths seeking a place of worship, but of course, maintaining many different church buildings simply wasn’t sustainable. Instead, church leaders who were Baptist, Presbetatyrian, Catholic, or any other represented denomination would come together and agree on a set of core beliefs that could be practiced in the one church.

Modern versions of community churches reject the idea of denominational worship and welcome all to their services.

Community churches seek to bridge the gap between different sects of Christians and bring faith back to its essential components- A belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God, that he died and was resurrected, and that faith in this is the key to Heaven.

When seeking a community church builder, you’ll follow the same necessary steps that you would when hoping to hire an architect for a traditional place of worship. In fact, community churches possess the same components that most churches do.

There’s the stage for services and singing, a congregation area for attendants to be seated, and space to chat before and after service, such as a lobby or foyer. They include Sunday school classrooms for younger believers and offices for church leaders to conduct their business. On a design and construction level, community church builders are completing the same tasks that they would for any place of worship. The difference is what the church family is bringing to the table- an openness and willingness to accommodate all who seek a relationship with the Lord.

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