Once you’ve done your fundraising, and you’ve engaged the community in a discussion about what they are seeking from their worship building, it’s time to discuss your plans with church builders. You can read more about choosing an architect here, but today we’re focused on what plans you should have prepared before you hire a firm.

While it’s obviously the church builder’s role to complete final sketches and implement unique ideas into your blueprints, it’s valuable to have some idea of the features and spaces that you’d like to see in the final product.

Everything from building materials to room types can be discussed with the congregation, keeping in mind the current budget and what the needs of the community around the building are. Coming well-prepared to your first firm interviews can help you narrow down your list, as you seek out example work similar to your initial plans and those church builders who are capable of giving those plans life.

Because you are likely not an expert on worship space architecture, the easiest way to present the information to your future architects is by using examples and images that you’ve seen and that appeal to your needs.

A great place to start is your hometown. Even if no particular church is precisely what you’re looking for, you can bring in images of the steeple from one and the recreation space from another. Speak with local worship leaders for their ideas and snap some pictures of the pulpit, the multipurpose rooms, and the lobbies. You can mix and match designs and create your ideal space without the necessity of starting from “scratch.”

Better yet, check out a few of our past projects. This page is an excellent source for seeing what Vanman Architects and Builders can do, as well as an idea hub as you enter the initial design phase. Whether you’re searching for a classic church with beautiful, natural materials or something a little more modern, we’ve done it all. We specialize in church buildings because we’re passionate about giving communities a beautiful, well-designed space to worship that will last for generations. Get in touch, and we’ll get started crafting something special for your flock.