A church doesn’t have to be enormous to serve its purpose. Church building designs for small congregations can make a service feel more intimate, fostering a sense of community and a personal relationship with your religion. There’s certainly value in making the best use of your space, whether you’re serving 50 or 500 in your congregation.

Stage Design

A dramatic stage in a small church can seem counter-intuitive. Small churches often come with small budgets, so it requires some creativity from architects, interior designers, and church leadership to create staging that serves its purpose.

One tip is to create “columns” on either side of the stage using fabric hung from the ceiling. The benefit of using fabric is that it catches the light well. If you have LED lights or a light projector, you can change the column color depending on the mood and theme that you’re trying to establish during service.

Another great way to add space to a small stage is to use lighting to your benefit. Soft lights hung from the ceiling in the recesses to the side of the stage can create an illusion of depth, making the stage seem wider than it actually is. Think paper lanterns or yellow track lighting that casts a warm glow around the edges of the stage.

Renovating, not Rebuilding

Architects can help with renovations, too. If you find yourself in a position where you have a need for more space, but without the budget for a major overhaul, a few small renovations can make a major impact. Many small churches start off in industrial, modular buildings or historical one- or two-room homes that have been repurposed for services. Adding an additional room or an annex to your lot can give space to conduct split services, as well as opportunities to host wedding ceremonies with accommodations for bridal rooms.

More space also means more opportunity to invite future congregates into your fold. Using the renovations as a reason to involve the community and get their feedback on your additions can encourage those looking for a cozier space to worship to visit your church.

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