While most architects can handle any project that a client needs accomplished, many choose to specialize in a particular field. For some, it’s residential services. You can count on them to create the home of your dreams. A commercial architect, on the other hand, prefers to work with larger structures that serve a purpose outside of being someone’s primary residence. Whether it’s your community church or an enormous high-rise building, a commercial architect takes a major role in assuring that your building is functional, beautiful, and prepared to meet any coding laws that your city may present.

In terms of design, commercial architects obviously have larger budgets, but they must use those budgets to implement a variety of features that would be uncommon in the everyday home. These features run the gamut from high-capacity elevators to public restrooms. While most commercial architects spend little time thinking about the interior design of a building, they must be able to create the spaces necessary to house the people and things that make a building come to life. Additionally, they are tasked with choosing building materials that will add to the overall “look” that the building is trying to achieve.

Commercial architects must also be able to design for special considerations, such as lighting. In a residence, there are a few options that the homeowner can choose from depending on preference, whereas a commercial architect must meet certain compliance standards for lighting in a building. While there is some flexibility, considerations should be made for areas where there will be fluorescent, recessed, and traditional lighting, especially in terms of where wiring will be placed both outside of the access of everyday visitors, but accessible enough to be easily repaired in the event that damage occurs.

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