River Valley Church, Apple Valley, MN

Many congregations face the question of moving or staying. Moving can be emotional and disruptive, yet staying may leave the congregation with no way for change or growth of the ministry. 

An Architectural Feasibility Study can layout the options of cost, program, and building design. A Facility Feasibility Study, while helpful in determining the building and program options, will not answer the question of a vision for the church. The Church leadership will need to determine the essential question of “what is God’s plan for this church?”

Here are a few things to consider when you are trying to determine to build new or add on:

1. Existing Site

Is your existing space large enough? Is the location suitable? Is adjacent land available? What is the resale value? What are the demographic considerations?

2. Existing Facility 

What is the condition of the existing facility? What is the cost of upgrading the facility? Is the existing facility ministry friendly? Or can it be made ministry friendly? Is the building accessible? Or can it be made accessible? Is the building energy efficient and environmentally safe?

3. Ministry Goals 

What is the vision for the program and ministry? Can the existing facility serve the ministry? Where is the mission field of the church?

4. Intangible Factors 

Can the congregation break with the past? Does the congregation have motivation to move? 

A new building initially can be shaped to serve the ministry. As the facility ages, the building begins to shape the ministry. A building is only a tool for a greater work to be done in the lives of people. 

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