Whether you’re just visiting or you’ve lived here for years, Minneapolis architecture has something to offer everyone. The Twin Cities offers an impressive range of architectural style, from Medieval to New Classical, and everything in between. If you love the stylistic offerings of Minneapolis, and you’re interested in visiting some hot spots, check out our 5 favorites. For more information about beautiful architecture around the United States, check out The The 4 Best Cities to See Beautiful Architecture.

Witch’s Hat Water Tower

Previously known as the Prospect Park Water Tower, this piece of Minneapolis history has been around since 1913. It has a holding capacity of 150,000 gallons and is one of the few original water towers still remaining in the Twin Cities. The tower was placed on the Registry of Historical Places in 1997 and offers tours once a year, during the Pratt School Ice Cream Social. During this event, help in late May or early June, nearly 800 visitors take the opportunity to visit this historical monument.

Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank

This art deco marvel features beautiful relief sculptures of a farmer and a mechanic framing either side of the doorway. Both sculptures represent the duty and strength associated with the professions. Both men are bare chested and strong, the farmer surrounded with crops and the mechanic surrounded by machinery. Formerly a bank, built in 1914, the building is now the home of the Westin Hotel. This building was added to the National Registry of Historical Places in 1916. For more information on bank architecture, read our recent blog post on how to Find Bank Design/Builders You Can Bet On. 

James J. Hill House

Built by railroad mogul James J. Hill, this 44,500 square foot Romanesque mansion is one of the largest and most impressive homes in Minneapolis. It has been converted into a museum by the Minnesota Historical Society, which has worked diligently to conserve both the interior and exterior in all of its magnificence. It features the original pipe organ that Hill purchased and placed into his personal art gallery, along with the original flooring, lighting fixtures, and library that the Hill family once enjoyed. Tours are offered.

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Image credit to the Prospect Park Association and John Cushing.