Any financial institution needs to be a place where customers, clients, and employees feel that they are protected. From the time that they walk through the doors to the moment that they leave, they are entrusting you with their financial assets and their own well-being. With that in mind, hiring a bank contractor that is passionate about your goal of creating a banking environment conducive to safety, efficiency, and technology is absolutely imperative. If you’re hiring a bank contractor, you have to be sure that they are going to do what’s best for your institution.

Start by checking with the Better Business Bureau. There, you’re sure to find many willing to share their thoughts on the ability of your prospective bank contractor to complete a job on time and on budget. Additionally, the BBB ranks the company themselves, focusing on the number of complaints that they receive and how they handle each of those complaints.

Once you’ve selected a bank contractor, you need to ask for an itemized budget that will lay out a clear plan for what needs to be accomplished using the amount of money that you’re willing to provide. This is certainly a conversation that needs to happen in the beginning, as finding yourself owing far more than you’ve put aside can be a major issue for some small business owners.

You’ll also want to assure that all insurance policies are in order before you hire a contractor to work on your financial institution. Ask for proof that all members of the crew are insured, and that their equipment is covered under that policy. You’ll also want to check that they are liable for any damage caused to your home or property over the course of the project that they are working on.

Hiring a contractor doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if they already work in house with your designer or architect. That’s where Vanman Architects and Builders comes in. We work together as a cohesive team with our builder staff to assure that the architecture process for your bank or credit union is easy from start to finish.

If you’re having trouble finding contractors in Minneapolis, check out our blog post outlining the best way to assure that the firm you hire is best for you. From there, you can choose a design/build firm that has chemistry with your project and make the best choice for your financial institution.