There are many myths surrounding the art of architecture that can make people wary of hiring a new firm. Vanman Architects and Builders wants our customers to feel well-informed about the process and people involved in your project.

Architects are Going to Impose Their Style on My Project

Any architect worth their salt is going to be very attentive to their clients’ wants and needs. That means that despite their personal aesthetic preferences, you’re going to get what you came for at the end of the day. Architects may make suggestions or be limited by the reality of the building project, but final plans are approved by the client. If you don’t like what you see, voice that to your architect and you’ll surely come to a compromise that gives you exactly what you want.

Hiring an Architect is Expensive

Your architect is going to do their best to work with your budget. While that may require some changes in your initial ideas, you’ll keep your budget constraints safe. In fact, many architects have access to special deals on the goods and materials necessary to complete your project. In the long run, hiring an architect can actually save you money on your project.

Architects Do the Drawings, the Rest is Up to You

While architects DO draw up the blue prints for your project, they are also responsible for the acquisition of building materials, hiring subcontractors, and finalizing the site. If you work with a Design-Build firm, such as Vanman Architects and Builders, you can rest assured that your architect is working very closely with their in-house contractors to complete your building. Your architect will also help you with color palettes, interior design, and obtaining the proper contracts for utilities and the like. Architects do a lot more than draw up the plans. They are an integral part of the entire process.