Branding is everything in today’s market. Your brand tells who you are and what you represent, or stand for. When most people think of branding they think of a logo, a website, and a signature color. It goes well beyond all of those elements. Your brand should pour through every detail of your building because your workplace is an expression of that brand.

Architects to the Rescue

Architects and designers play an integral role in helping businesses do just that. Most people don’t often think about how each design element can firmly reinforce that brand meaning, that’s what we are here for. We take the time to get to know you and your goals, mission, and values, and that will guide each decision we make. Armed with the proper knowledge of what makes you tick, as well as the desired user experience, we can move forward carefully and thoughtfully selecting each detail. With this attention to detail, people walking into that space can feel what you stand for.

Make a Statement with Finishes 

Chosen colors, materials, fabrics, furniture, finishes, lighting, and layouts make an impression on everyone who walks through the doors. Guests, clients, and especially your employees, will take in the ambiance and experience the function of the space. By giving the people hard at work for you a place that feels good to be in, you get the added bonus of a boost in workplace morale and also to the overall company culture.

Architecture and interior design work hand-in-hand to reinforce where your company places its worth. Fortunately, at Vanman, we are not only the architects and builders but also the interior designers! With the coordination between your in-house marketing and existing signage and graphics companies, we ensure that the finished product exudes the brand/companies personality!

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