Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.” How right he was. It is the job of the architect to communicate the culture of the time. Through their building of functional facilities, they also communicate the values and essence of their generation.

When you approach architecture from a perspective that doesn’t value it as an art form, it can be difficult to understand why the time and money is worth the final product. It can be argued, though, that architecture can be a multi-faceted masterpiece with both practical and aesthetic purposes. 

At face value, architecture provides one of the most basic human needs- shelter. It provides a space in which we are safe from the elements and from the dangers of the world. We can also trust it to keep dangers at bay. Architecture is necessary for safety and comfort. It allows us to have a standard of living that would be impossible without it.

The deeper we dig into architecture as art, the more it becomes clear that its purpose has major cultural impact. Architecture stands as a lasting monument of the time that it was built. Consider the pyramids of Egypt. Culturally, they considered their pharaohs to be handpicked by the gods. As such, the pharaohs’ final resting places needed to be as dignified and extravagant as was possible. This is why these temples are tall. They pierced the heavens, allowing departed kings to ascend after death.

In a more contemporary example, the churches of the last decade have vastly shifted from private worship spaces for the congregation to community centers with modern amenities. The cultural role of the church has changed as the role of philanthropy and service to all has become more vital to the communities. As such, the architecture must reflect that shift.

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