Design build has some distinct advantages over a traditional build contract. If you’re still on the fence about working with a design-build team, this might change your mind:

Better Communication, Faster

Architecture is a fluid process that requires constant modification. Whether it comes about because of shifts in the actual design of the building or unforeseen circumstance requires it, it happens and it can be frustrating. One of the major frustrations is trying to communicate with every key player about possible problems and solutions. When you work with a design-build team, this is never an issue. There’s only one line of communication, which means that you get more thorough answers in a more timely manner.

There’s No Question of Who’s Responsible

One of the most distinct advantages of working with a design-build team is that all workers and entities function under one roof. From the vendors to the brick layers, every person who lays a hand on your project will have worked together cooperatively from the beginning of the design until the last tile is placed. You don’t have to worry if your architecture and construction leader are going to get along, because they’ve worked together from the beginning of the project.

Keep Your Time and Money Secure

When the design team and the build team are working together, you are saving the time that it would normally take for architecture plans to make their rounds before finally being approved. It also reduces the time necessary for bidding on projects and scheduling can begin before the designs are even completed. You’re also more likely to stay within your budget because the firm is able to control them without outside interference from construction sites and project managers. Project costs will be very well controlled by your design-build team.