Though it is rarely talked about, renovation grants are available for churches that deal with certain issues in innovative and compassionate ways. Because private funds are becoming more rare and federal grant programs ask that churches are being funded from the same pool as non-profit organizations, obtaining a grant is no easy feat. If you feel that you need a church remodel in order to support an innovative program in your community, here are some tips for pursuing grants:

1. The outreach program needs to go beyond religion and the congregation. It must serve some sustained issue that a community has. Some examples would be:

  • Single mother assistance
  • Continuing adult education
  • Food pantries
  • Child care programs for low-income families
  • Homeless youth support
  • After-school education
  • Literacy programs

2. There are federal grants and private funder grants. Private funder grants are often looking to support very specific types of programs, according to what they have in their heart to fund. When looking for these kinds of grants, make sure that you are prepared to create an application that is concise and succinct, but that also communicates your mission and what you intend to do with the funds.

3. Get your documentation ready. While each grant may require different documentation, it is not uncommon for grant leaders to ask for copies of your letter of tax exemption, your annual report, donor list, operating budget, and the salaries of all employees. If you are unwilling to disclose this information to the grant program, it’s likely that you’ll be pulled from the applicant list.

If your grant is approved, congratulations! It’s now time to kick-off renovations. If you want to save time, money, and stress, consider hiring the design-build team at Vanman Architects and Builders. Our professional staff would love to help bring your renovation dreams to life, so that you can get back to serving the Twin Cities.