Last week, we discussed the first part of the church construction pre-design plan. During that phase, the goal was raise the appropriate amount of funds necessary and to start talking to experienced professionals, such as those at Vanman Architects and Builders.

This week, we’ll be looking at the critical third and fourth steps of a church construction pre-design plan. This includes setting up your project goals and finding the ideal site.

When setting up your project goals, know that your design-build will be deeply invested in setting up clear and obtainable project goals. That’s why finding the perfect design-build team comes prior to goal-setting. During this phase of the process, your architecture team will discuss what the current space is used for and how the space needs to change in order to accommodate the need. Having conversations with the members of your congregation about what they wish to see from the changes is a great way to develop buy-in.

This is the point where your dreams start to take shape. Your design-builders will sketch up preliminary plans for the project and begin the approval cycle. At this point, you can ramp up fellowship enthusiasm by maintaining transparency and sharing these preliminary plans.

The final step in setting up your church construction pre-design plan is choosing your site.  While most church projects stay in the same area, any expansion on land now owned by the church is subject to appraisal and evaluation. Your design-builder can assist in surveying the land and performing geotechnical research. This will prevent problems in the future.

The church construction pre-design plan process does not have to be difficult, especially when you have professionals such as those at Vanman Architects and Builders. This design-build team is ready to assist in making your church architecture dreams become a reality.