The need for a new church construction project often makes itself known in some uncomfortable ways, such as not having enough room for your congregation or you’re suddenly faced with a much larger nursery population than you have space for. Either way, though your fellowship may be eager to begin the project, the first step that your church leadership should take is creating a church construction pre-design plan.

This call to action and proposal will help the community and the congregation understand exactly why the undertaking is happening and what they can do to help support the project. The more transparent you are from the beginning of the project, the more likely you are to have the support of potential stakeholders.

Creating your church construction pre-design plan begins with financing the project. By communicating clearly the need and the budget, you are one step closer to actually getting the project completed. Because the weekly Sunday offerings often are not enough to pay for hefty church expansion projects, being clear with your need may encourage some members to pledge donations. If you are focused on fundraising, be prepare to establish a committee who can oversee these events.

Once your project is funded, seek out professionals with experience. A design-build firm, such as Vanman Architects and Builders, can aid in this crucial step of the process. Before goals are established or land is built, you would benefit from having the experience of a professional design-build architecture firm on your side. They are present every step of the way, eliminating the need to hire huge teams of specialists and subcontractors. Instead, you are given a focused, streamlined process for making your church construction projects come true.

Check back next week for Part II and to learn more about creating your church construction pre-design plan.