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Code Issues and Other Things to Know Before Building

Are you renting a house with no railings on the staircase or working in an office that clearly had a mold problem? You may be in a building that’s not up to code. There are plenty of ways that a building could potentially violate safety codes, some may be more obvious than others. The last thing you want is for your building to be a hazard to those who use it. Below we outline how to keep you on track for an up to code building.

3 things to keep in mind when renovating or constructing your new building:

1. Handicap Accessibility

You need your space to be accessible to everyone. From automatic doors and elevators to handicapped bathroom stalls and seating areas, many factors go into making your building handicap accessible. You will also need to look at exterior elements too, for example providing ramps up to any sidewalks around your building.

2. Exiting

Although it may seem like a rare occurrence, there is the potential need to evacuate a building due to an emergency. It’s important to consider this as you plan the layout. A few things to take into account when planning include: rooms that occupy more than 50 people will require two exits, such as any room that is on a ground level or basement. Exits also cannot go through kitchens, storage rooms, or mechanical rooms.

3. Other Code Issues

There are a variety of other coding violations that can add to your cost if you’re not being careful to consider them. Some examples of these might include:

  • Hazardous material testing and removal
  • Stormwater management
  • Licensed operations on the property
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Energy code requirements
  • Fire sprinkler systems

When you work with Vanman Architects and Builders, we can assure you that we will help you through every step of the process ensuring everything about your space is up to code. In doing this we can assure that you will avoid any issues after the project is complete and feel confident when the space is being used. It is our goal for your space to be safe, accessible, and welcoming for all who will be coming through your doors!

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