Beginning a church construction or remodeling project can be daunting.  For smaller congregations, it can feel almost impossible.  With time, money, and resources at stake, it’s certainly not uncommon to feel a little discouraged when considering a new project.

Where do you start? How do you pay for it? 

While even the thought of answering these questions may cause your blood pressure to rise, knowing where and how to take your first steps can make all the difference.

Like any architectural project, your church construction or remodeling project is probably going to cost a pretty penny.  Particularly for smaller congregations, this is one of the biggest hurdles to leap when thinking about starting a new project.  Fear not, however, because by the end of this blog post you’ll have everything you need to get a fundraising campaign up and running.

So, where to begin?


Getting your community involved is one of the best places to start as it allows them to have a sense of ownership and accountability for their worship space.  Ultimately, your story holds power.  Probably more power than you think!  It’s simply a matter of telling it to all the ears that are willing to listen.  

That said – if you haven’t already – getting acquainted with various social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) can help expand your presence among the community you serve.

The more you share your story across different social channels, the more likely you are to develop a personal connection with all of those around you.  By doing so, you are able to show that your church is more than just a gathering place for worship, rather a source of hope and safety for all those who seek its shelter.  

Once you have established your story within your community and shown them what you’re all about, it’s then time to reach out to your loyal members and ask them (nicely) to support your upcoming church construction or remodeling project. 


Now that you’ve made yourself a name on your social media platforms, the next checkbox on your list should be to branch out to fundraising specialists.  Doing everything alone can be intimidating, which is why a fundraising specialist such as Walsh & Associates, Kairos Christian Resource Development, and J & J Fundraising can help you stay on track toward reaching your end goal.

Depending on which specialist you decide to work with, your fundraising group may help you organize events and campaigns to raise money and other kinds of donations for an organization. They may also even help with the social side of your fundraising campaign, designing promotional materials to help increase awareness for your organization’s work, goals, and financial needs.


There’s a reason why people still use traditional fundraising techniques.  Simply put, they work!  Benefit events are still one of the best ways to not only raise money for your church’s construction or remodeling project, but they also work toward bringing the community together.  Putting together a bake sale, community event, or really any sort of social function that mixes food, fun, and entertainment is an effective method for getting the support of your community.  Taking advantage of the holiday calendar by hosting themed parties or special services is also a great way to get more people excited about being a part of your congregation.

Think of it as an investment.  By engaging the community and showing them your dedication, more often than not, the word will spread – and in no time – new members will be lining up at your doors, curious to see what they’ve been missing.


Using social media to keep everyone up to date with your fundraising goals and milestones is a critical piece to keeping your community engaged and enthusiastic about your upcoming construction or remodeling project.  By showing the progress of your community’s contributions, you can generate buzz and excitement for the day your fundraising goals are achieved.  After each event, don’t be afraid to announce how much you earned, how many people attended, and how the event helped to bring your church’s construction or remodeling project one step closer to fruition.  Keep everyone in the loop by broadcasting upcoming events via social media platforms and/or newsletters.  Those that may have missed out on one event may be inspired to show their support during the next one!


If you still have any questions, or can’t quite get yourself through the door, then join us this upcoming March (3/14/2020) at our annual Building for Ministry Seminar where we partner with fundraisers and financiers in order to educate and clarify the necessary steps and processes that go into a church construction or remodeling project.  

For 22 years we have been teaming up with local businesses to deliver a fully comprehensive look into the church building process.  From design and construction to fundraising and finances, we have a team of presenters ready to tackle every inquiry!