Before putting pen to paper on a new design and construction project for your church, it’s crucial that you make sure that your congregation is behind it.  Needless to say, without them, a church construction project would simply become nothing more than another building on the block.

Of course, selling the idea for new amendments to an already existing worship space can be difficult – even more so when proposing an entirely new facility.  That said, being able and prepared to adequately respond to your community’s concerns is an important step to every new project pitch.

Ultimately, getting your congregation’s involvement and feedback from the beginning of the process is absolutely necessary for a seamless design and construction project.

Here are 3 valuable tips that every church should consider before jumping into a new church design and construction project:

1. Explain the “why” before the “what”

What are the reasons behind the new design and construction project?  Is it needed? How will this affect the church services?

Even though members of your congregation may not ask these questions directly, they’ll certainly all be curious. That said, making sure to explain the reasoning behind the need for the new project, and the benefits that these new renovations will provide for the Church is an essential piece to the “buy-in” process.  In addition, asking your congregation for input on things they would like to see and/or opportunities they see applicable to the new church construction project is a good way to gain your congregation’s interest.

If you are looking to grow your worship space, be prepared to showcase the potential increases in fellowship numbers and how this may affect your church services and community. Of course, not every single issue can be addressed, but others can be easily solved, so it’s important to have an open discussion with your community.

In the end, letting your congregation voice their opinions and give their two cents on proposed projects will allow them to take ownership of their worship space, which in effect, brings in more passion and support down the road.

2. Process, next steps, and community involvement

Once you’ve had a thorough discussion with your congregation about the preliminary plans and concerns of the new church design and construction project, it’s time to hire an experienced church architect or design-build firm.

Laying out the design and the steps of the building process from the beginning can help to ensure that your ministry’s goals, congregation’s vision, and facility’s needs are all met and accurately depicted before blueprints are drawn up.  After discussion and input from your community,  your fellowship will have a firm grasp as to what they should expect, how the new space should look, and what the project will do for the community.

A full-service design-build firm can work with you to set ground rules right from the start. After all, peace of mind is key during the construction process as unexpected costs and delays can result in headaches and regret.

At Vanman Architects and Builders, we work side-by-side with you throughout the entire church design and construction process, which means that our team can help you propose new design plans to your congregation, help you plan ahead for construction, and work closely with you to develop a timeline that best suits your needs and wishes.

3. Nothing beats the support of your congregation

Support from the community is something every congregation needs in order to grow.  That said, making sure everyone feels involved can help expedite and strengthen the goal.

Here are a few tips and tricks our clients have utilized to boost support and excitement for their new church design and construction projects:

Gaining community involvement through social media is a great way to remain open and transparent about the progress of a current project.

Host dedications and church events that bring the community together can help generate a sense of being “all in this together”.

Reiteration that both the congregation and the community have ownership of the worship space / multipurpose space will keep everyone on board and excited for the new renovations.

Now that you have the backing of your community… what’s next?

Well, now it’s time to rejoice.  With the right support and involvement from your community, your church will soon take on a newly refreshed symbol of hope, love, and fellowship.  This is something to celebrate – now all that’s left is for construction to commence and watch as you (and your community’s) vision comes to life.


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