When setting up a new church construction project, one does well to remember that this new place of worship is more than a building. It represents the community, the religious group that it houses, and the hard work that went into its creation. When choosing your church construction company, you want someone who understands all of the beautiful facets of constructing a church. You want someone with experience, someone who is obsessed with giving your exactly what you and your fellowship wants, on time and on budget.

One of the ways that we accomplish that is through our design-build process. By creating a streamlined flow of work, project owners only have to worry about one contract. The design-build team collaborates, working together to make every decision, which leaves less room for mistakes and disagreements.  Even more exciting is that going through the design-build process, as opposed to the more traditional process, can mean that you save money. According to the Design-Build Institute of America, unit cost is 6.1% less and construction speed is 12% faster. That means that your congregation is back in your building faster than they would be if you chose to hire both a design team and a build team.

At Vanman, we have perfected the art of the design-build. That means that we are with you every step of the way, from choosing the perfect pews to breaking new ground. We want you to be happy and we want to continue our reputation of being dedicated to creating beautiful, functional centers of worship. By choosing Vanman Architects and Builders, you are choosing to streamline and simplify the sometimes-difficult process of constructing a church and you are choosing a church construction company that has made the Twin Cities area even more beautiful with our projects.